Spicy Mango Creole Sauce - CASE 6x1/2 gallon - Gluten Free


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  • GLUTEN FREE - Vegan - No added MSG
  • A spicy fusion blend of peppers, garlic, oregano and thyme with tropical mango flavor.
  • This is absolutely our personal favorite sauce for grilled salmon, shrimp or fish. Use for a quick seafood marinade, grill and brush on more fresh sauce for finishing glaze.
  • Use it for spicy tropical rice, in bouillabaisse, pasta and seafood dishes.
  • A delightful quinoa salad dressing.
  • Recipes: Stir Fry Shrimp with Mango Creole Sauce Recipe, Gluten Free Creole Mango Shrimp.
  • Cost per oz. $ 0.15 - for 1/2 gallon (Net Wt.4.7 LB)
  • Cost per oz. $0.14 - CASE PACK 6x1/2 gallon
  • NOTE: This item is being transitioned from HALF-GALLONS to GALLONS. The half-gallon size will no longer be available. Hurry and order now, before it is all sold out.

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