Chipotle BBQ & Wing Sauce - 1 gallon - Net Wt. 9.06 LB. (145 oz.), Gluten Free Sauce


  • GLUTEN FREE - Vegetarian Sauce  - No added MSG
  • Chipotle BBQ sauce with a zesty smoked chili pepper kick.
  • A spicy BBQ sauce to mop on steaks, burgers, fries and wings.
  • Use as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders, fried shrimp, fried mozzarella or zucchini sticks and french fries.
  • Use as a pizza base sauce, add to your favorite BBQ sauce for savory spiciness.
  • Mix 1:1 with Hawaiian Sweet & Sour Sauce for an amazing sweet/spicy BBQ sauce.
  • Mix with mayonnaise or sour cream for sandwich spreads or crudité veggie dip.
  • Recipes: Gluten Free Chipotle BBQ Ribs, Hawaiian Chipotle Chicken Pizza
  • Cost per oz. $0.16 for one gallon (Net Wt. 9.06 LB.)

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