XOX Sweet Teriyaki Sauce - CASE PACK 4x1 gallon - Net Wt. 9.88 LB. per gallon


Buy a case and save $2.42 per gallon

  • This delicious Teriyaki sauce is made with an extra kiss (XOX) of sweetness and thickness.
  • Everyone is sure to love this popular sauce, especially kids and K-12 school districts!
  • This is the perfect sauce for rice and noodle bowls - either simply drizzle on top, or cook meat and vegetables with the sauce.
  • This is the delectable sauce used in Japanese restaurants to glaze Teriyaki Chicken, Teriyaki Beef and Teriyaki Salmon.
  • Just brush on any meat or seafood and it instantly becomes your favorite Teriyaki recipe.
  • Recipes: Vegetarian Tofu and AsparagusXOX Teriyaki Salmon, Chicken Skewer with XOX Sweet Teriyaki
  • Cost per oz. $0.14- for 1 gallon pack (Net Wt. 9.88 LB.) 
  • Cost per oz. $0.13 - CASE PACK 4x1 gallon

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