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Fullerton, CA - Make your own Korean Tacos! It's so easy with Starport's Garlic Sesame Sauce and Spicy Red Hunan Sauce. This recipe is the second best selling menu item at a local Southern California theme park. Fusion cuisine, or the mixing of cultural foods is an integral part of the food culture in California. 

Ingredients for 20 servings, 3 Tacos each

4 C.

Garlic Sesame Sauce (Starport 209)

3 C.

Spicy Red Hunan Sauce (Starport 212)

1 C.


3¾ lbs.

Beef, cooked, shredded

1 each

English cucumber, sliced thin rounds

2 Tbsp.

Rice vinegar for cucumber marinade

1 Tbsp.

Sugar for cucumber marinade

2 lbs.

Cabbage shredded (salad)

1 lb.

Carrot, shredded (salad)

1 lb.

Tomatoes, diced (salad)

1 C.

Ponzu Citrus Soy (Starport 235) For Dressing

2 Tbsp.

Roasted Sesame seed iol for dressing

2 Tbsp.

Rice Vinegar for dressing

2 Tbsp.

Toasted sesame seeds Garnish option

60 each

Tortillas 6"

Each serving:

3 corn tortillas, ¼ C. Taco sauce, 3 oz. shredded beef, (1 oz. per taco) 1 oz. pickled cucumber and a lime wedge. 3 oz. mixed shredded cabbage, carrots and diced tomatoes, (1 oz. for each Taco) and dressed with 1 Tbsp. dressing.


Sauce mix: Mix Garlic Sesame sauce, Spicy Red Hunan sauce and Sugar in a pot and slowly heat to 190F, store in covered container when cool.

Dressing: 1 C. Ponzu Citrus Soy, 2 Tbsp. Roasted Sesame oil and 2 Tbsp. Rice vinegar mix well and store in squirt bottle.

Salad for taco: 1. Mix cabbages, carrots and tomatoes (3 oz.) and squirt about 1 Tbsp. Taco dressing on salad just before serving. 2. Place about 1 oz. dressed salad on each tortilla.

Meat for taco: 1. Heat a sauté pan at medium heat, add ¼ C. Taco sauce and 3 oz. cooked shredded beef, and heat until hot. About 1 oz. sauced meat for each taco 2. Place hot sautéed sauced meat on top of dressed salad. 3. Garnish with pickled cucumber, lime wedge, chopped green onions and toasted sesame seeds.

Cheryl Tsang
Cheryl Tsang